The company

The company was founded in 1987 and since its inception, it has emerged due to its ability to find state-of-the-art technological solutions that emphasize its distinguishing characteristics: dynamism and flexibility.

Comec is a company that is effective in high-precision mechanics and attentive to the needs of the market, while internally promoting the professional and technological growth of its staff.

Clients who are seeking a partnership will find authentic collaboration with our company and the exchange will become a driver for mutual growth.
Together with the client we develop solutions to reduce production costs and improve the product’s reliability.

Comec is specialized in production in those sectors that require an accurate control of not only the finished product, but at every stage of the construction cycle.

Our first objective is the satisfaction of the customer, who we try to follow with competence and professionalism.
Our strength is the ability to combine a design phase in which the customer is a protagonist with state-of-the-art machinery.
Comec is equipped with important and varied equipment that allows competitiveness and precision in both small- and medium-sized lots.

The market asks us for
  • the construction of mechanical components
  • the design and manufacture of equipment
  • the revision and maintenance of industry equipment and machinery
  • the grinding of industrial blades for cutting paper, shears, plastic product grinders, ice shavers


The design and construction of high precision mechanics for leading companies worldwide.
Our customers include:

  • manufacturers of machine tools (woodworking, rubber recycling)
  • manufacturers of laser cutting machines
  • automotive
  • food processing companies
  • construction companies (earth moving machinery)
  • printers, bookbinders, paper mills
  • companies specialized in sheet metal processing
  • structural work
  • gear manufacturers
  • medical
  • design and interiors (prototypes)
  • universities