Comec offers its services to the international market for the production of small- and medium-sized batches of high precision parts.

Our machines are equipped with control probes that allow the dimensions to be checked while the piece is still in the machine, thus avoiding repositioning that would decrease the required precision.
Furthermore, thermal probes on the principal axes prevent linear expansion from reflecting upon the precision of the piece being manufactured.

The use of certified materials from qualified suppliers is a guarantee for the origin of the raw material, the traceability of which can always be verified.
We can provide finished parts with heat and surface treatments, working with contractors who treat the parts with the attention that Comec requires.

Our main activities regard:

  • manufacturing of materials that we provide;
  • manufacturing of materials and semi-finished pieces provided by the client;
  • repairs and restorations of mechanical parts or machine parts, creating the design of the part if it is not available;

We can work with parts made of iron, cast iron, common, special, and stainless steels, and non-ferrous materials, including aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, and plastic products.

We can provide the mechanical pieces complete with heat and surface treatments:
- Hardening, induction hardening, nitriding, Tenifer processing, black nitriding;
- Chemical browning, manganese phosphating, electroless nickel plating, galvanizing, yellow tropicalization, and chrome and chromium nitride plating.

design & planning

COMEC has an internal design studio with qualified staff who can understand the customer’s needs, resolve critical points, and provide suitable technical solutions.
The design is focused on the creation of new devices and the reconstruction of components or equipment parts.

One strong point is careful planning to ensure that the final result fully meets expectations.
Verification and validation steps in the customer’s presence are planned during the creation process.
The mechanical part or equipment can be accompanied by technical documentation and by parts lists to facilitate reordering and traceability.

revision and maintenance

Starting with our customers’ needs and specific problems, COMEC performs industrial machine recovery activities.

Revision and repair interventions in the food, construction, typographic and machine tools sectors are given the same care that we give to products under construction.

We agree upon the size of the intervention with the customer and formulate estimates.
The mechanical parts that require replacement are created with our systems.

industrial blades sharpening

Our machine park includes an adjustment with a 3,100 mm long swivel plane for sharpening steel, HSS and carbide industrial blades for paper cutting and shearing, ice-shaving blades and blades for plastic product grinding mills.